Animal Liberation Tasmania has created a highly effective street outreach program that has reached hundreds of individuals, from locals through to international visitors.

What began as a standard video outreach has progressed to a strategic pay-per-view program, where members of the public are offered an incentive to come and view footage from various recent Australian animal agricultural exposés. Another fantastic addition to our arsenal has been the virtual reality headsets, through which we are able to give the public an interactive view of life inside the pig, dairy and cow industries.

We offer one-on-one discussions with viewers after they watch the video, and offer a wide range of free materials to guide them if they would like further information. Using these methods we have had great success in raising awareness around what happens behind closed doors in these industries, and encouraging people towards considering the ethical implications of their lifestyle choices.

ALT would like to thank Aussie Farms, Animal Liberation, Animal Liberation Victoria and Animal Equality and Animals Australia for allowing us to use their footage and/or printed resources for this program.

If you would like to participate in our outreach program, JOIN us as a volunteer here