Cradoc Hill Abattoir Expose

The exposé of Cradoc Hill Abattoir, owned and operated by Huon Valley Meat Co., marked the third exposé of a Tasmanian slaughterhouse in a year.

The undercover video footage showed terrified animals trying to escape, improper stunning techniques and physical and verbal abuse of cows, sheep and pigs. Pictures behind the slaughterhouse revealed large piles of carcasses, organs, severed heads and other body parts left to rot.

Though the cruelty displayed was not as egregious as the first local slaughterhouse exposed almost a year ago, Gretna Quality Meats, or to as large a scale as Tasmanian Quality Meats, the export-grade slaughterhouse exposed just 6 months prior, from a company that proudly dubbed itself as “ethical”, it was a shocking reminder that happy slaughter is just a myth.

Following the exposé, Animal Liberation Tasmania projected the footage onto the wall of the butcher Huon Valley Meat Co. own in West Hobart while holding a candlelight vigil for the lives lost at the facility.

Shortly following the exposé, Huon Valley Meat Co. announced they would be closing all operations and from 2018 Cradoc Hill Abattoir has been shut down. What a great win for the animals!

Animal Liberation Tasmania would like to thank Aussie Farms for their help exposing this facility, and Animal Liberation for exposing the two prior Tasmanian slaughterhouses.

Further footage and photos from Cradoc Hill can be viewed here:

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