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Government authorities will consider any and all comments received for development proposals. However those which address specific aspects of a proposal in a methodical and reasoned manner will be considered in a higher regard than those that are based purely on emotions.

If you do intend to submit comments to the Dorset Council regarding the Ten Mile Enterprises proposal for a pig slaughterhouse, please read the following guidelines we have prepared to give you an appropriate framework.

1. Include your full name and contact details, with the understanding that submissions may be made publicly available. If there is information you would rather remain private, make sure to state this clearly with your submission.

2. State the title of the proposal, the business and the business owner. Eg: Scottsdale Pork Abattoir, Ten Mile Enterprises, Daniel Unwin.

3. Define which aspects of the proposal you are opposed to or have concerns regarding. Eg: proposed method of stunning/slaughter, impacts of fecal ponds and irrigation on surrounding waterways/forests and flora/fauna, creation/storage and cartage of one tonne of offal per day.

4. If you identify any inconsistencies within the development application, request they be addressed. Eg: operating times, slaughter capacity.

5. Do include your objections on the basis of non-human animal rights, clearly defining the differences between rights and welfarism; Ten Mile Enterprises have stated clearly in the development application that “animal welfare” is of importance to their project, including references to Temple Grandin. However do try to be factual rather than emotive.

6. Submit your comments to by end of business 10/7/2020.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your objections to the creation of yet another killing facility in lutruwita/tasmania. Together we can show there is strong opposition across the broader community to this proposal and future proposals of this nature.