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MEDIA RELEASE: We Won’t Forget

Today from 12-2pm Animal Liberation Tasmania will be staging a vigil at Gretna Meatworks, in memoriam of the many animals whose lives have been violently taken at this slaughterhouse.

Gretna Meatworks was the subject of an exposé released in October 2016, revealing acts of egregious animal cruelty and multiple welfare regulation breaches. A 20 months long investigation by the Department of Primary Industries resulted in the slaughterhouse being referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions, who decided not to pursue legal actions against Gretna Meatworks.

“We know what we saw; multiple cases of inadequate stunning, multiple cases of animals consciously responding when being slaughtered. Animals kicked and stomped whilst they thrashed around dying. Workers mishandling animals and laughing throughout. The decision by the DPP is a failure to pursue justice for these beings, but was sadly unsurprising.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson ALT.

Today’s vigil aims to bring the issues revealed at Gretna Meatworks back into the public eye and initiate discussion within the broader community regarding the ethics of consumer choices, and to question the government systems overseeing the regulation of animal slaughter in Tasmania.

“The reality is that if government departments won’t pursue justice in these cases, rather choosing to protect businesses over animal welfare, then it becomes the obligation of the community to question and demand change from a grassroots level.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson ALT.