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MEDIA RELEASE: Activists Hold Vigil At Exposed Slaughterhouse

Today members of Tasmanian Animal Save (TAS) and Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) will hold a peaceful vigil outside Tasmanian Quality Meats at Cressy. The aim of this joint action is to bear witness to the animals being transported to slaughter, and draw attention to the plight of animals used for food in Australia. At least 20 individuals from all across Tasmania will be attending.

TQM was exposed early last year by ALT and Animal Liberation, with workers found to be engaging in acts of egregious animal cruelty against dairy calves and sheep sent to slaughter. The footage, showing clear breaches, was reported over 1 year ago and still no action has been taken by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

“We are here not so much because of the footage shown last year, although that is a contributing factor. We are here today because slaughterhouses are inherently violent, and have no place in a forward thinking contemporary society.” – Hazel Alger, TAS spokesperson.

TAS is a newly formed animal rights organisation, part of the global Save Movement network. Chapters around the world hold peaceful vigils outside slaughterhouses and facilities, utilising social media to share images of animals sent to slaughter.

“Our focus is on the animals. We aren’t here to cause trouble for staff at TQM, or the truck drivers. We simply ask for the opportunity to say good bye to the innocent lives that will be taken here today.” – Hazel Alger, TAS spokesperson.

“Three Tasmanian slaughterhouses have now been exposed, all showing the same systemic cruelty. We are here today to show that we haven’t forgotten, and we won’t let the authorities forget either,” states ALT campaign director, Mehr Gupta. “The DPI needs to either take their head out of the sand or hand over investigative powers to an independent office”.

TAS and ALT will remain at TQM until later this afternoon.