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MEDIA RELEASE: Tasmanian Animal Rights Groups Call For MOFO Mercy

Local animal rights groups have today called for mercy, and have offered to facilitate the rescue and rehoming of the bull at the centre of the Dark MOFO controversy. Animal Liberation Tasmania, Animals Tasmania, the Animal Justice Party and Brightside Farm Sanctuary have called upon the organisers of the internationally acclaimed arts and culture festival to grant mercy upon the animal, by cancelling the event and allowing them to save him from the slaughterhouse.

A life-long safe haven would be then organised by Brightside Farm Sanctuary. The groups cite the 15000 signatures on a petition opposing 150.Action as an indication of broad community support for this proposal. “We thank Mr. Walsh and Dark MOFO for igniting such an interesting public debate over the ethics of our treatment of non-human animals. As Mr. Walsh has said his purposes have already been served, we now encourage him to accept our proposal to rescue this animal from slaughter, in an ultimate act of mercy.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson Animal Liberation Tasmania.

150.Action is the brainchild of controversial Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch. The event at Dark MOFO will mark the 150th time he has performed this work. In 2015 Nitsch was prevented from staging his action in Mexico City after a petition signed by over 5000 individuals caused the museum holding the event to cancel.