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MEDIA RELEASE: Animal Liberation Tasmania, Gretna Action

BREAKING: Brave Activists Lock Onto Iconic Tasmanian Structure in Response to Recent Footage of Extreme Animal Cruelty

Happening now: Animal rights activists from the group Animal Liberation Tasmania have dropped a large banner from overhanging signage on the Tasman Bridge and have gathered along the bridge in protest.

Late last week Animal Liberation NSW, an animal rights group dedicated to ending the suffering of confined and abused animals, released graphic undercover vision from the Gretna slaughterhouse which showed animals being beaten with pipes, kicked, and slaughtered in front of each other. Animals could be seen fully conscious during the slaughter process. Animal Liberation Tasmania, a local animal rights group, are demonstrating today against the extreme trauma and suffering captured in the footage and to draw attention to the unnecessary and systemic violence caused to animals sent to slaughter.

While industry would like the public to believe that this is just a “rogue operator”, Gretna Quality Meats is the 12th slaughterhouse to be exposed in Australia in the past four years, indicating the documented cruelty is a widespread feature of the slaughter industry. In fact the owner of the facility, Michael Munnings, was reported in The Mercury on Monday October 17th saying everything they were doing was standard practice according to the code.
Despite Bidda Jones of the national RSPCA body, Peter West of RSPCA Tasmania, Greens MP Andrea Dawkins and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie calling for the suspension of work at the slaughterhouse, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) has not enforced this, and the facility operated as normal yesterday despite currently being under investigation. These failings by the DPIPWE suggests they can not be trusted to protect animals, and Animal Liberation Tasmania would like to see police involvement. The inaction by the Department reflects what has occurred with previous exposés, in which the outcome has almost always been a slap on the wrist for the slaughterhouse in question. Animal Liberation Tasmania, alongside animal rights groups across the country, is calling for more.

“As consumer consciousness grows, Tasmanians are demonstrating a desire to reduce the suffering of animals by expressing support for locally farmed, free range, and humanely raised and killed products. However, many of these labels are just used as marketing tools; as this footage shows, there is no humane way to kill someone who doesn’t want to die,” says Animal Liberation Tasmania spokesperson, Mehr Gupta. “We are here to raise awareness that this is occurring from local to global on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend, and more importantly, that this does not need to happen. These animals are in this position because people are asleep to their suffering, and how their eating habits perpetuate it.”

The truth is there is no such thing as humane slaughter. The reality of raising and killing animals for food means that millions of animals will suffer. Animal Liberation Tasmania hopes that this vision will get more people thinking about who is on their dinner plate.