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Gretna Quality Meats Exposed

Article published by Aussie Farms.

Exposed by Animal Liberation NSW investigators in October 2016. Hidden cameras captured workers hitting and inadequately stunning animals, shooting them with a rifle, and often stunning or killing them in front of each other.

One incident involved a sow who was shot in the head several times with a bolt gun, before workers gave up and went to retrieve a rifle, failing to kill her with the first two shots before finally doing so on the third, almost two minutes later while she screamed and writhed in agony.

A “retired” dairy cow with a bloody broken leg was led into the knockbox and left there for roughly 80 minutes before being shot multiple times with the bolt gun. After her throat was cut, it was clear that she was still showing signs of consciousness, leading the workers to shoot her once more with the bolt gun, still failing to render her unconscious as blood poured out of her neck.

Other cows were ineffectively stunned numerous times with the bolt gun after desperately trying to escape the knockbox.

Sheep and goats were packed into two small pens and shot with the bolt gun one at a time in front of each other, the remaining animals growing more terrified with every shot. Some attempted to follow the stunned animals into the kill room – one sheep managed to do so, slipping and stumbling in the blood on the floor as she looked up at the hanging bodies, before being taken out of sight and seemingly killed without stunning.

Pigs were smacked and jabbed with pipes to force them up into the pens where they were stunned and killed in front of each other, flailing and writhing as blood spurted across the walls and floor.


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