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Animal Liberation Tasmania is a not-for-profit animal rights organisation founded to contribute to the Tasmanian animal rights community and work with organisations across Australia to address the issues experienced by all animal species.

We advocate for the rights of non-human animals so that they may live free from exploitation and cruelty.

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Animal Exploitation & Religious Bigotry: your taxpayer dollars at work
Earlier this year Animal Liberation Tasmania encouraged the community to send submissions to the Dorset Council in opposition to the proposed pig killing factory to be constructed by Scottsdale Pork owned by Roger Unwin. On October 28 it was announced that the Tasmanian Liberal Government had approved a $2million grant …
(no title)
For the Fathers. cw: this article contains images of violence against other animals and descriptions of violence and sexual exploitation against other animals. This is for the fathers. For the often forgotten individuals held captive within systems of exploitation, valued only for their productivity (or rather their re-productivity) and used …
Artist Contribution: Hazel Alger
Untitled Triptych, 2018 When I created the original artwork, as an eight-piece installation telling the brief tale of a meal in progress, my aim was to explore themes of tradition, complacency, and giving non-human animal exploitation a physical identity. Viewing it now, however, it invokes new and different thought processes …
Animal Liberation Tasmania are appalled but unsurprised by the revelations that advice from the Principal Wildlife Management Officer to close eight key sites for the duck slaughter season of 2020 was likely ignored by the minister, Guy Barnett. Duck killers leaving their hide, Moulting Lagoon 2018 The inadvertently released minutes …